Brilliant Planet of Lana coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

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planet of lana
Credit: Thunderful

Now and again, a charming indie darling will make an impact on me and one such game is Planet of Lana, developed by Wishfully.

In my review of Planet of Lana, I said: “is one of the most charming, wonderful and endearing games that you’re going to play this year. It’s a game that most certainly is on your to-do list for 2023 and better still, it’s on Xbox Game Pass. So, go and pick it up already.”

“In Planet of Lana, recently nominated for a Golden Joystick, Lana’s world is upended as mysterious alien orbs appear in the sky and robots begin capturing villagers for an unknown purpose. Where they’ve come from and what this all means is up to you to discover as you progress throughout your adventure. All Lana knows is that she has to save her sister,” reads the press release provided by publisher Thunderful.

It continues: “Through dense jungles, sunlit meadows, arid deserts and the cold steel of alien architecture, Planet of Lana treats players to breathtaking natural landscapes in a spectacular adventure that blends the epic scale of the events that threaten Lana’s whole world with a story about a touching personal relationship built between the game’s two underdog protagonists.”

Previously only available on PC and Xbox, Planet of Lana is now coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation during the Spring of 2024. This game looks gorgeous on TV, but I can’t wait to play it on the vibrant OLED screen of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Featured Image Credit: Thunderful