Silent Hill: The Short Message out now for free

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Credit: Konami

Konami revealed its latest instalment of its Silent Hill horror series and it’s out today. Oh, and it’s free-to-play.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has some very serious P.T vibes, in fact, I’m pretty sure that I had noticed some reused assets. Much like P.T, it will be played in a first-person perspective and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

“Following messages from her friend Maya, Anita finds herself at a crumbling apartment block, infamous for rumours of suicides,” reads the description of the game. “Drawn inside, Anita soon finds her sense of reality shattered as she encounters bizarre, otherworldly spaces, haunted by a twisted monster.”

I don’t have high hopes for Silent Hill: The Short Message, but I’ll at least check it out.

Featured Image Credit: Konami