AEW: Fight Forever gets season two content starting with The Acclaimed DLC

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Credit: THQ Nordic

When AEW: Fight Forever was released earlier in the year it offered an old-school-inspired alternative to 2K’s WWE series and for the most part that was achieved.

Along with the launch of AEW: Fight Forever, it arrived with a season pass for its first season, which was a bit underwhelming if I’m being honest. Granted it brought new wrestling including FTR as well as some mini-games, but the wrestlers in the first season pass felt like they should have been in the case game, especially with a somewhat dated roster at launch. Thankfully, at its core, AEW: Fight Forever is a fun button masher.

Arriving with season two of content is arguably AEW’s most popular Tag Team, The Acclaimed and everyone loves The Acclaimed, right? Well, I do. Sadly, the newly announced Acclaimed DLC is missing Daddy Ass aka Billy Gunn. Hopefully, he’ll arrive at a later date, preferably as free DLC or at least to those who purchased The Acclaimed content. This new DLC pack also includes a new AEW arena.

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Yukes haven’t detailed what other content will be included in season two, but I’ll keep you posted when I hear more. As of now, the Season Pass 2 includes The Acclaimed DLC, a new single-player mode ‘Forever Beat the Elite’ and something called ‘The STORM is coming!’ I really hope that this isn’t Jade Cargill DLC, considering that she signed with WWE a while back.

The Acclaimed DLC is available now for £9.99 and Season Pass 2 is £19.99. This content will be available for Nintendo Switch at a later date. AEW: Fight Forever is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: THQ Nordic