AEW Fight Forever untimely Toni Storm DLC out now

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Credit: AEW Games/THQ Nordic

AEW Games and THQ Nordic have announced the last piece of DLC to be included in the Season Pass 2 content for AEW Fight Forever, and unlike this wrestler’s current real-life gimmick, it’s far from timeless.

The DLC in question is for the fantastic Aussie Toni Storm is always going to be a welcomed addition to any roster. So what’s the issue? The problem is that much like some of the characters released in the base game, this version of Toni Storm is very outdated.

The Toni Storm DLC which is included in Season Pass 2 and available as an individual purchase is roughly five months out of date at this point. This is Toni Storm who was part of the Outcast’s faction alongside Ruby Soho and Saraya. However, not only is this faction barely together, Toni Storm has moved on and evolved into the brilliant “Timeless” Toni Storm gimmick and is now a three-time AEW Women’s Champion.

Judging by previous character DLC, ‘The Storm is Coming’ DLC could be priced anywhere between £6.49 to £9.99, which doesn’t seem like great value for an out-of-date gimmick. To give AEW Games the benefit of the doubt, hopefully, the “Timeless” gimmick could be released at a later date for those who purchase this DLC.

‘The Storm is Coming’ DLC will be available now. AEW Fight Forever is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. You can read my review of AEW Fight Forever for GAMINGbible.

Featured Image Credit: AEW Games/THQ Nordic