Football Manager 2021 is Out for Xbox Right Now!

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For the first time since it was released on the Xbox 360 in 2008, Football Manager has returned to the console and is available right now!

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is available across two generations of the console from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally if you purchase Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition on the Xbox One, you’ll get a free upgrade when you make the leap to the new generation of console.

This version of Football Manager is based upon the popular Football Manager Touch and after experiencing this game extensively on the Nintendo Switch, I have no doubts that the new Xbox versions will be more than capable.

The console version has been specially optimised to be played with the controller with adjustments being made to the User Interface on whichever console you are playing.  You’ll also be able to transfer your progress seamlessly from console to PC.

In addition to the console release, Football Manager 2021 Touch has also been released for PC, Mac and tablet devices for Android and iOS.

Football Manager 2021 Touch will then release by the end of this year for Nintendo Switch.

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