Resident Evil Re:Verse Has Been Rated, Could It Finally Release Soon?

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resident evil

Credit: Capcom

Do you remember Resident Evil Re:Verse? You know, that multiplayer game that was bundled with Resident Evil Village that has seemingly been forgotten about?

Well, if a PEGI rating is anything to go by, it could be released soon. However, at this stage, I can’t help but think that Re:Verse’s ship sailed a long time ago.

Following very poor beta feedback, Resident Evil Re:Verse was pushed back into 2022. To be fair, Re:Verse never had an actual release date, though it was expected to release no longer after RE Village launched in April 2021.

Since its delay last year, Re:Verse has apparently been forgotten in time with Capcom barely even acknowledging its existence. That being said, if it was cancelled today, I don’t think there’d be a lot of fans that would care all that much.

resident evil

Credit: Capcom

However, it is a game that was advertised and promised to be released. So, Capcom has to live by that promise. Yay. So, going back to that PEGI rating. Media outlet Gematsu noticed that Re:Verse has been rated by PEGI, so its release is still a thing. Again, yay. Oh, and it’s also coming to Google Stadia. Triple yay!

To be fair, I’m intrigued to see if Capcom has improved vastly upon that beta. At the end of the day, I love Resident Evil, so I want every game in the series to be the best it can be. So hopefully, Re:Verse will outdo all of our expectations.

Though, I wish they’d just re-release or remaster the Outbreak series. Are you looking forward to Re:Verse? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom