Silent Hill is Back! ….As Dead by Daylight DLC

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Posted May 27, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, DLC, Gameplay, Gaming News, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Screenshots, Trailers, Xbox One

Do you remember those rumours that Konami squashed in regards to a new Silent Hill game coming back?  Well, it’s a little difficult for fans not to hear of the rumours, because they always continue to resurface on a regular basis nowadays.  However, despite Konami dismissing those rumours, they did give us a glimmer of hope by making it somewhat clear that the series isn’t entirely dead and they are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring it back.

It was believed that two Silent Hill games were in development, one being a more traditional title and the other being episodic.  Well, it has been revealed that one of the ways that Konami looks to bring the series back is via DLC for an unrelated game to the series or Konami.

Now I don’t want to hate on this announcement, because in fairness, this DLC does look cool and it’s courtesy of asymmetric multiplayer title, Dead by Daylight from developers Behaviour Interactive.  A game that has one player controlled monster or killer, hunting down a team of player controlled humans as they work together to escape the arena.  The Dead by Daylight game is no stranger to producing licensed content, as we’ve already seen DLC for Stranger Things, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Saw and more.


The Silent Hill cross-over was announced as a celebration of Dead by Daylight’s fourth birthday which see’s the return of Heather Mason (now known as Cheryl Mason following the revelation in Silent Hill 3) and The Executioner aka “Pyramid Head”, with a new map taking place in Midwhich Elementary School, which first appeared in the original Silent Hill on the PlayStation.

Dead by Daylight’s Game Director Mathieu Côté had this to say on the recently announced collaboration “We are so thrilled to welcome Silent Hill as Chapter 16 of Dead by Daylight. Silent Hill is such an iconic video game licence and to add it to our legendary roster of horror is truly an honour,” Côté added “We hope players will have as much fun discovering this Chapter as we had in making it.”

Now I must say that as cool as this DLC looks, as a fan of the series and its lore, it would have made more sense to have James Sunderland being tormented by Pyramid Head, but hopefully he and more Silent Hill characters might be added to the game at a later date.  And also as a fan of Silent Hill, I hope this kind of exposure for the series isn’t going to be all that we’ll see from Konami.  If I was going to be optimistic, at least it seems like Konami are willing to license out the Silent Hill franchise to some degree, so hopefully we’ll see something better for this iconic horror series in future.

Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill is live now via a Public Test Build on Steam, and will launch for PC and consoles on June 16th.  Are you excited by Silent Hill coming to Dead by Daylight?  Let us know across our social media channels.  Below you can also check out a 10 minute gameplay video from IGN of Heather being chased by Pyramid Head.