Tomb Raider remastered collection features racial and ethical warning

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Credit: Aspyr/Crystal Dynamics

It’s finally here, Tomb Raider 1 to 3 Remastered has arrived and with it comes a content warning that is a sign of its ’90s times.

I’ve been playing this collection today and the whole collection stays true to its roots from gameplay, visuals and content. However, you do have the choice of switching from traditional tank controls as well as for something more modern. You can also switch from modern to classic visuals on the fly during gameplay.

Aspr who handled these remasters have decided to preserve the original content of this game, which I am sure many will appreciate. The 90s was littered with casual racism and sexism which filtered through into its video games.

The statement in full during the opening of the collection reads:

“The games in this collection contain offensive depictions of people and cultures rooted in racial and ethnic prejudices. These stereotypes are deeply harmful, inexcusable, and do not align with our values at Crystal Dynamics.

Rather than removing this content, we have chosen to present it here in its original form, unaltered, in the hopes that we may acknowledge its harmful impact and learn from it.”

Tomb Raider 1 to 3 Remastered is out now for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, which just so happens to be Lara Croft’s birthday (and mine).

Featured Image Credit: Aspyr/Crystal Dynamics