Xbox Live Gold is being rebranded

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Credit: Microsoft

Xbox Live Gold in one form or another is being killed off, well, kind of.

After months and months of speculation, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live Gold is coming to an end, as we know it.

As of 14 September 2023, Xbox Live Gold will be known as Xbox Game Pass Core. Much like XBLG, this will include online multiplayer and free games, as well as some discounts. However, the free games aspect will be changed somewhat.

Instead of having two or three games added to the XBLG library each month, subscribers will instead have a catalogue of 25 games which will be rotated over time, believed to be two to three times a year. It’s also worth mentioning that games previously claimed during the old version of XBLG will still remain in your library, as long as you have an active subscription.

In terms of what to do next, you need not worry. The service will automatically cross over and payments for your subscription will continue as they were. As for Xbox Game Pass (basic tier), Game Pass on PC and the Ultimate tier, they will remain the same.

So if there’s anything to take away, all we need to know is that the name is changing for the basic tier and hopefully it will include a much better selection of games over time. The list of the batch of the first 25 games can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft