Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Getting an Update This October, Adds New Modes and Features

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Posted July 30, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in All

FromSoftware are releasing a surprise update this October for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which will add some new modes and features to enhance what is already an incredible game.

The main mode coming via the update is the Reflections of Strength, which sounds very much like a Gauntlet mode which will allow you to have a rematch with any boss that you’ve defeated in the main campaign via a memory through their Sculptor’s Idol.  However, it sounds very much like you may also have to fight more than one boss at a time! So this will be a very challenging mode indeed, even by FromSoftware’s standards.

If you beat the bosses in Reflections of Strength, you will be rewarded with new skins for Wolf, to wear in the main campaign.  When this update goes live, you’ll be able to acquire two skins through Reflections of Strength and one by beating the campaign.

Sadly, there will be no easier difficulty mode, an option that is very much requested by much of the community.  However, you will get a helping hand with the Remnants, which sound akin to the bloodstain recordings found in the Souls games.  The Remnants will let you see up-to 30 seconds of another players skilful movements, with additional text to give you a helpful hint if you’re stuck on a certain section of the game.  Additionally, you’ll also be healed if you up-vote the Remnant in question.  I for one will be taking advantage of this feature when the update is live.

The update will be available to download for free from October 29th.  Will you be jumping back into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice when this update goes live?  Let us know across our social media channels.