#EGXRezzed Gear Gauntlet Interview


At EGX Rezzed earlier this month we had a chance to sit down and chat with the developers of Gear Gauntlet, an upcoming ID@Xbox title. Described as “Guitar Hero meets Super Meat Boy” by lead developer Jay Adeloye, the 2D action arcade title places a keen emphasis on intense challenge and replayability.

The small yet unpredictable gear you control is relentless as it speeds through each stage. You are immediately forced to quickly predict its momentum as you tightly manoeuvre around the many obstacles that populate each level. Speed platforms that propel you forward are a useful tool, but also a detriment that could very well hurl you into an oncoming mine. Memorising the most effective path is the secret to beating each stage, encouraging replayability that has you correct your mistakes one by one, rather than succumbing to frustration.

There are 3 paths to choose from in every stage, each with their own level of difficulty. I found this to be an interesting addition as failing one route doesn’t condemn you from ever completing a certain set of stages. If you feel one route is too overwhelming you can easily try another, implementing a gameplay style that should reward players who are willing to experiment. This also falls into the emphasis on replayability I mentioned earlier. Different grades and scores are earned depending on the route you take, as well the time in which you take to complete it.


Gold, Silver and Bronze collectibles litter each stage. Collecting these is an easy way to boost your score, tempting you to take more daring routes through the tightly designed stages. All in exchange for a higher spot on the leaderboard. Another obstacle that stands in your mechanical menace’s way are rhythm-based gateways. When you encounter these you must match a corresponding button prompt in order to progress. Much like the guitar shredding contemporaries that inspired them, pinpoint timing is the key to success here.

Gear Gauntlet adopts the unforgiving challenge of Super Meat Boy and the rhythmic appeal of Guitar Hero and synthesizes them into an endearingly original idea. The instantly replayable and challenging variety of stages should prove quite an addictive adversary when Gear Gauntlet grinds onto Xbox One this summer.

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