Rumour: Ocarina of Time Bundled with the Nintendo 3DS

Posted December 28, 2010 by Marshall in 3DS, Rumour


Whilst many rumours on the internet have been building up about the 3DS and its Zelda friend. We have just received some new information making the Zelda rumour a bit stronger. According to a Gamestop employee,  there will be a version of the 3DS that will be coming bundled with a “Zelda” title. Of course we are not sure if it will be Ocarina of Time as it is so far the only Zelda game that has been announced for the 3DS but it seems more likely that as a launch bundle it could happen, but who knows? We are uncertain of where the employee got his sources but it is more likely to happen at some point along the lifespan of the 3DS. Expect a Zelda themed 3DS to launch at some point like the Gameboy Advance SP and the original DS .  Of course Gamespot them selves aren’t always a trusty source but… We hope this rumour becomes true!

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