Possible New Prince Of Persia Game?

Posted August 6, 2012 by Aaron Stone in Gaming News, Screenshots

Prior to E3 there were talks of a new Prince of Persia game, and three screenshots were also released, the only detail that was seen from these though, was that it would appear to have an Arabian setting. These screenshots can be seen below.

Since then though, nothing has been heard or seen on this potential reboot, that is until now it would seem, Digital Spy reports. Yesterday on the Ubisoft forum, a screenshot was released that had the codename of PoP Zero 2. Whether this is real or not is unknown, but it sure does look convincing. It seems to have the same aesthetic feel to that of Assassin’s Creed, which comes as no surprise as it is the same development team, and they do share a lot of similarities, the most noticeable being the astounding platforming. This also gives the sense of freedom and no more linear progression, this is certainly not a bad thing for Prince of Persia, but a lot of gameplay options could be had with more freedom. In particular, free running could be hugely satisfying to see, the one thing the motion picture got right was the action and the way the Prince moved across the land with finesse. Hopefully we will have more news on this later, but for now, why don’t you have a gander at the picture and tell us your thoughts of it below?

Source: Ubisoft Forum, Digital Spy

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