Little Nightmares drops a Brand New Trailer and Special Edition revealed


Little Nightmares, while only holding a status of an indie title, gets all the care and attention that other, larger titles receive from its publisher, Bandai Namco. Since the announcement, Little Nightmares has been gathering more and more pace, and significance, with every single trailer and press-release which it has received. And now, it looks like it has finally reached its final form, as with release of a brand new trailer titled ”The Nine Deaths of Six”, Bandai Namco has announced that Little Nightmares will be a fully fleshed out physical release.




A physical copy of Little Nightmares will be available for purchase from a range of UK retailers, however, the Six Edition (aka Limited/Special Edition) of the said title, which can be seen above, will be exclusive to GAME Digital, and is unlikely to appear anywhere else in ‘as new’ condition. Little Nightmares will make its presence known on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, on 28th of April, of this year, and can be pre-ordered right now, digitally, for £15.99. The physical release will cost £19.99; with the Six Edition will cost a mere £29.99.


Any and all, who decide to pre-order any version of the title right now, as per usual, will receive a handful of bonuses which in this instance are more than just consumables. All pre-release copies of Little Nightmares will come with two forms of headwear for the protagonist Six, a broken tea cup, and a scarecrow mask. In addition to the headwear, all early adopters of the title will also receive a digital copy of the soundtrack, a theme, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of Little Nightmares, and a wallpaper, which only comes with the PC copy of the game.


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