Wolfenstein: The Board Game Campaign Now Live on Kickstarter

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Posted April 15, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Board Game, Gaming News

The Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign from Polish based company Archon Studio is now live.  Wolfenstein: The Board Game is based upon the rebooted videogame series from 2014, and is a co-op (1-4 players) dungeon crawler as you battle your way through the Nazi grunts and take on a number of challenging bosses, before having the ultimate showdown with Mecha Hitler.

In total there will be 10 co-op scenarios with each full game estimated to last between 90-120 minutes, it will include 55 highly detailed miniatures, 182 cards with impressive art work and 16 map tiles.  You will play as six heroes such as series protagonist B.J Blazkowicz, as well as Anya Oliwa, Max Hass, Klaus Kreutz, Set Roth and Bombate.

Additionally, if you go for a pledge from $120 (£96),you will receive The Old Blood expansion, based upon the brilliant 2015 “expansion”, where it really takes you back to the old school Nazi zombie killing ways.  The Old Blood expansion will include an additional 23 miniatures, 87 cards and 12 map tiles.

There is a number of pledges available starting from $1 with no rewards, but if you pledge just this amount, you can then have access to the Pledge Manager to buy what you want after the campaign is finished, which is handy if you don’t have the money to back the campaign now, but intend to at a later date.

Then you have the aforementioned $120 (£96) pledge, which gives you access to the main board game, The Old Blood expansion, an “All-Starts” Kickstarter excusive expansion and all unlocked stretch goals.  The top tier pledge at $229 (£182) will grant you all the above mentioned content, as well as 3D Plastic Terrain Set, which looks very snazzy.

At the time of writing, the campaign has 13 days until it ends and is well on course to unlocking loads of bonus stretch goal content at no extra cost.  The current estimated delivery is August 2021, the campaign is pretty much worldwide, however, with the Wolfenstein series having a rocky relationship with Germany and Austria, this campaign will not ship to either of those countries.  But if you live in Germany or Austria and have a friend living in another country, you could always ask them to help you out.

You can check out all the need to know details on the Wolfenstein: The Board Game campaign over on its Kickstarter page here.  Will you be backing this campaign or perhaps you already have?  Let us know across our social media channels.