Controller Review: NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller

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When it comes to gaming controllers, it’s all about personal preference.  For example, some might prefer the style of the DualShock 4, while some may prefer the Xbox One controller or even third party companies like MadCatz and Nacon.  Some might tell you that a certain controller is better than others, but the truth is, what’s best, is what’s best for you and in this generation we are gifted with a plethora of choices, none more so then with our gaming accessories.

This brings me on to the latest controller from Nacon, with the officially licensed Asymmetric Wireless Controller.  Now this controller isn’t as snazzy as the superior Revelation Unlimited 2, which is reflected in the price comparisons, but if you’re after a controller on PS4 that is designed off the back of the Xbox One controller and if you’re on a tight(ish) budget, then the Asymmetric Wireless Controller could be for you.

The first thing I noticed when handling the controller is that it doesn’t feel cheap in the hand, it has a good weight, and the L2 and R2 triggers have a nice thickness to them, which especially bodes well when playing first-person shooters.  Likewise, the X, Triangle, Circle and Square buttons, as well as the touch pad and L1/R2’s are slightly larger to that of the DualShock 4, making the slip of the wrong button a less likely occurrence during panic of a heated online shootout.  The raised bump underneath the L2 and R2 triggers also makes it so the controller sits more firmly in the hand, and has a rather comforting, snug feel.  With the D-Pad being not being split into four sections like the DualShock 4, like the Revelation Unlimited 2, the D-Pad on the Asymmetric is very much suited for fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

In terms of the more technical details, the Asymmetric Controller comes equipped with two vibration motors in the left and right handles, boasts around seven hours of playtime with a full charge and with its USB bluetooth receiver, it has a wireless range of around seven metres.  While this controller doesn’t provide an on-screen battery level indicator, like the DualShock 4, situated and the back of the Asymmetric is a little button that when pressed, gives you an indication of the controllers battery level, that when pressed, the light at the front of the controller will either be Green for a full charge, Yellow for midway and Red for low.

When the controller needs a charge, you can use the charge cable provided, but as the plug is a micro-USB, you will be able to use most android charge cables.  This is very handy, when considering that the cable provided is quite short, so if you have a long charge cable for your android phone, you might want to use that instead, so that you can continue your gaming session.  Finally, you also have a built-in 3.5mm headset jack located at the bottom of the controller, though it doesn’t have any volume controls built-in, so you’ll have to rely on your headset for those functions.

While I have been largely happy with this controller, there are some discrepancies when comparing to the DualShock 4, such as having no built in speaker or motion control.  I can easily live without having a built-in speaker, but as I found when playing certain games that require motion controls, I had to switch back to the DualShock 4, so that I can continue on with my game.  Another slight issue that I have, which to be fair, will vary from person to person, is that the thumb grips on the analogue sticks are a little too small for my thumbs, but like I said, this issue can vary from person to person.

To conclude,  with the Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller having an RRP of £49.99, if you shop about, you could probably get it for about £40, which would certainly represent good value for money.  I know one could argue which is better, this design or the DualShock 4, but as I alluded to earlier, it all comes down to personal preference, but if you’re after a PlayStation 4 controller with the design of an Xbox One controller on a budget, then you can’t go much wrong with Nacon’s Asymmetric Wireless Controller.

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