Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Gets New Map Pack Trailer!

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Posted February 26, 2010 by Marshall in PC, PS3, Xbox 360

EA have announced that there will already be two downloadable Map Packs for Battlefield 2 Bad company!

The map pack features the Laguna Alta map playable in Conquest mode and Nelson Bay map playable in Rush mode which is shown in the trailer.

There will be a total of 10 maps when Battlefield 2 Bad Company Launches! Definitely many maps for me and the rest of the team to die on… and shout abuse at 10 year old kids.

Dice have also announced later in March another map pack at no extra charge, giving players a chance to experience the Arica Harbor map in Conquest mode and Laguna Presa map in Rush mode. Available in the box, the content packs are unlocked by simply inputting a VIP code.
It seems like the online has already a wide selection of maps which will definitely change the experience since they are set in different game types!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be in shops on March 2nd 2010 in North America and March 5th 2010 in UK for the Xbox 360 PlayStation®3 and the PC.
A limited edition is also available for pre-order.