Capcom’s Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess looks like an Onimusha spiritual successor

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Credit: Capcom

It’s been way too long since Capcom treated us to a new entry in the Onimusha series. It’s been 18 years since the release of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for the PS2 in 2006. In terms of numbered entries, Onimusha 3 was also released for the PS2 but back in 2004.

Sure, we did get the Onimusha: Warlords remaster in 2018, but that’s technically still an old game so that doesn’t quite count. We don’t know if Capcom will ever release a new Onimusha game, though we did get that fantastic Netflix anime series. So after watching the latest trailer for the upcoming Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, I’m counting that as an Onimusha spiritual successor.

The latest trailer for Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess was revealed at the most recent Xbox Partner Preview, and based upon Japanese mythology and lore, this new single-player action adventure looks right on the money. And by the looks of it, it will be putting our combat and strategy skills through its paces.

“As the protagonist Soh, the player must rescue villagers and restore peace along with the Maiden of the mountain, Yoshiro, by purging the defilement that infects their land on Mt. Kafuku. Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess incorporates a unique real-time day-to-night cycle,” reads the press release from Capcom.

 During the day, the player’s strategy skills are put to the test as they deliberately plan to purge the defiled village by rescuing villagers, assigning roles to them, and fixing their defensive contraptions to prepare for an imminent battle. As night falls, it’s time to fight against the horrific Seethe that emerges from the Torii gates and aims to attack Yoshiro.”

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will be released at some point this year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. What’s more, it will also launch on Xbox Game Pass.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom