Here’s Some Exclusive GRID Gameplay and an Introduction to the Nemesis System

Earlier this week, our very own Richard Breslin visited Codemasters studio, to learn more about the upcoming new entry into the GRID series. And while there, he has been given an opportunity to play the title at hand, and record some brand spanking new and exclusive gameplay.

The below video, showcases 2019’s GRID action in all of its mechanical glory, and while gameplay is the crème de la crème of the footage, then if you’ll run the below video, you’ll have a chance to learn about the NEMESIS system, which will play a major role in the release.


The NEMESIS system, will have you stand against a chosen driver, who’ll during the race will be you’ll main rival, and while some of you may assume that the rivalry in question is all about placements, then that is not entirely true. As in game, your NEMESIS will do everything in his power, to ensure that you don’t have an easy day at the office. The AI driver mostly concentrates to simply outpacing you, then it is important to underline that he’ll resort to trickery and underhanded tactics, to beat you at all cost. It would be natural for one to assume that NEMESIS will always be your direct opponent, then it will not be uncommon for one of your teammates, to play the role of your hostile rival.

If you’ll let the video run for a little longer, you will also notice that the remainder of the racers, not just your NEMESIS, are immensely hostile and aggressive. Meaning that GRID will not be just another sequel, or another depressing racing sim. As it will not penalize you for collisions, and furthermore, it will encourage you to be just as hostile against your opponents. And in order to become the champ within the remits of GRID, you will have to go for your opponents’ heads, because if you don’t, they’ll go for yours.

The inert aggression of the title’s AI is not just limited to you, the player. Because as you’ll have a chance to observe, on the both provided gameplay videos, GRID‘s AI is just as aggressive against one another, and it appears that it will not be uncommon for the artificial drivers to side-swipe each other, or push one another off the track, or into walls.

To finish this article off, I believe that it is important to underline that this early build of GRID runs in at 30 frames per second, rather than the 60fps, which most racing games have adopted this generation. But the lower framerate has been surely adopted to minimize the strain on the engine, as the title’s advanced AI is taxing it immensely as it is.

GRID is set to hit the road on 11th of October on PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, and PC – and a little under a month later, on Google STADIA. The title at hand can be pre-ordered right now on all digital storefronts, and all early adopters, of either physical or digital copy of the title, will be rewarded with brand spanking new, in-game Aston Martin – which will come pre-packaged with all Deluxe, and Day One editions of the game.

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