Hexodius Out Now

Posted October 17, 2013 by Adam Walters in Gaming News, News, PC, Steam, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade


With the release of Hexodius on both XBLA and Steam, plenty of gamer’s are going to be shooting their way through rouge droids in a bid to upgrade their drone with powerful item and upgrades. The main aim of this little arcade title is to explore and customize your drone, all whilst attempting to destroy the rouge AI.

With the ability to upgrade your drone with a wide variety of weaponry, you are able surpass stronger opponents and defenses that are thrown in your path as you slowly progress through the main story.

With the game having online leaderboards it’s going to be every gamers ambition to top that list, even if it takes destroying all the bosses on the hardest difficulty. Check out the games demo which is available now, and get dragged into a world of a stunning twin stick-shooting RPG.

Hexodius is out now on Xbox live arcade and Steam.

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