Telltales The Walking Dead ‘Final Season’ #SDCC2018 First 15 Minutes Released

Update 23/07/18: As promised, here is the full gameplay demonstration from San Diego Comic-Con for the final season of Telltales The Walking Dead.  The gameplay video seen below shows us the first fifteen minutes of the premiere episode set to release on August 14th, so obviously there are bound to be some spoilers.


Original Story 20/07/18: Telltale Games have released a teaser trailer for the final season of The Walking Dead from San Diego Comic-Con.  The short trailer seen below, shows Clementine and AJ at a home with fellow survivors that looks very familiar to me, I could be wrong, but it looks a lot like a house that featured in series spin-off, The Walking Dead: Michonne.

The final season will premiere with episode one on August 14th.  Also later on today, full gameplay footage of the demo shown at San Diego Comic-Con will release at 4pm BST, I’ll update this article when that footage goes live.

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