We take a look at the stylish indie title Pinstripe

Pinstripe is a 2D puzzle-platformer where players take control of Teddy, an ex-minister, who must take an adventure through Hell in search of his missing daughter Bo. She’s been captured by a bizarre entity claiming to be God. The game features strange and challenging puzzles and battling against unique and weird creatures with your trusty shotgun. The player will engage and interact with charming characters in order to continue through the vast and freezing cold Hell. Throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by your dog George who’ll uncover clues about Teddy’s past life which will delve further into the emotional story.


Pinstripe is set in 6 strange and immersive worlds all designed in beautiful, highly polished 2D graphics full of adventure and exploration. Whilst the gameplay is simplistic in style, this will give players the opportunity to focus on the interactive story, the atmospheric art direction and stunning soundtrack featuring piano and classical instrumentation.


Also known as an adventure through Hell, Pinstripe was funded and backed by a Kickstarter campaign and was Greenlit by Steam in just 7 days. The game is currently being developed by one-man team Thomas Brush of Atmos Games and has been doing so for almost 4 years. Thomas was responsible for award-winning games Coma and Skinny and so has plenty of experience in this beautiful genre.

Pinstripe is available now for Pre-order on Steam for a release in Summer of 2016 with a release on iOS towards the end of the year.

Source – Atmos Games Kickstarter

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