Accessory Review: i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag

Over the years I’ve gotten used to a bean bag, being well, a bean bag.  It doesn’t really matter which one you pick-up, they all tend to be very comfortable.  So what of these “gaming” bean bags and what’s so different about them?  Well that’s what I’m here to find out and tell you about the i-eX Gaming Bean Bag, kindly provided by Bean Bag Bazaar.

At first inspection, the i-eX bean bag, looked like a very large leather bean bag, nothing seemingly all that special.  It even had a high-back support that appeared to be very flimsy.  However, when I first sat in the i-eX I was not only surprised by the shear comfort, but also by how this high-support that I thought would be flimsy, suddenly became quite solid and supported my back posture very well indeed.  I don’t know the technical aspects of it all, but it seems that once you sit in the bean bag, the beans and air push up into the high-back support and it becomes very secure, and above all else, very comfortable.

The main base of the i-eX Gaming Bean bag also suitable moulds to your size, shape and weight with its deep bucket seat design.  In terms of dimensions, the i-eX Gaming Bean Bag has a diameter of 105cm, a width 85cm and a height of 94cm.  Now I’m quite a big lad, but with the size and design of the i-eX, the deep bucket design almost perfectly altered to my body mass and I was able to remain seated for a good few hours, while being in a lot of comfort.  This especially is important to me, as I disabled man with very damaged hips, so the importance of my prolonged comfort cannot be understated.  My 7-year old son also aims to get a lot of use out of the i-eX and by simply tipping the very light bean bag upside down and back again, it reset and was also a perfect fit for my much smaller, and lighter son.

In terms of durability, the i-eX is very well made, with its double-stitched fabric, double zipped (covered for extra security) and silver piping, it really appears to be made out of tough materials.  This is especially important if the person in your house that will get the most use out of this bag, is a hyperactive child that doesn’t like to sit still for even a few seconds.  Speaking of which, with the i-eX being made out of a quality faux leather, should you get any spillage on the bean bag, a quick wipe of a damp cloth will more than do the job to keep it clean.

The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag has an RRP starting from £74.99 and when you consider the prices of lower-end, but yet decent gaming chairs can fetch a price of £200 upwards, this extremely comfortable and brilliantly designed bean bag offers good value for money and if you’re on the lookout for something of a high quality for your gaming comfort needs, then the i-Ex Gaming Chair Bean Bag should be well worth your consideration.  Also at the time of writing, for £5 more, you can pick-up an additional footstool for added comfort, saving you an additional £30.

You can purchase the i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag here.

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