The Sorcerers Apprentice Review

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Posted July 24, 2010 by Marshall in Reviews

Bruckheimer produces a movie based on Artherian legend in modern times. Does Disney push out to a teen audience this time? Or does it squander another children’s movie with far too dramatic overtones?

Okay so here’s the problem. In my opinion Bruckheimer made Pirates of The Caribbean. Not just as in directing, but his style and creativity made that series an instant hit. However with this film its almost as if Bruckheimer got confused about whether he is making a kids movie or a teen movie.

For instance there is a moment when the lead character named Dave (so original) drops his papers and ends up looking at this girls legs. Agreed its hot but this really is a kids movie so in turn children will probably sit there with their parents either not understanding what the infatuation is or going red with embarrassment.

Yet there are moments for the children to make them giggle which does lead me to believe this is a children’s film with overtones for teens and adults. For instance when two very large dogs are going to kill Dave, Balthazar (Cage) turns the two of them into puppies.

The acting in this movie is great. Nicholas Cage is phenomenal as friendly sorcerer Balthazar. Alfred Molina is an entirely convincing bad guy as Horvath and Jay Baruchel really does act like a clueless teenager much like his character Dave is supposed to.

There are some astounding special effects in this movie such as fire, plasma and a big angry dragon. It really helps gel the movie together especially with some phenomenal action scenes.

At times it does get hard to follow what’s going on and the only real character development is with Dave and Balthazar. However the chemistry between the two characters is phenomenal. Forget master and apprentice were talking father and son chemistry here.

Another great point about this movie is the soundtrack which really blew me away.

In conclusion this movie is pretty dam good. It sometimes struggles on deciding what kind of movie it is, but in turn its a pretty epic adventure. Contradictory to my earlier point I believe this is a teen movie that children can enjoy too. I genuinely believe however this film wouldn’t work without Nicholas Cage. I am giving this film 4/5, another success for Bruckheimer. This has the potential to be the action packed blockbuster of this year. Now it just has to beat Inception and The Last Airbender. It’s won one of the battles already.