Video Unboxing: Resident Evil 2 The Board Game, Stretch Goals and Expansions

Last year, Steamforged Games, the creators of the Dark Souls board game series and more, launched a new Kickstarter campaign to bring us an officially licensed board game based upon my favourite game of all-time, Resident Evil 2.

So here we are, over a year later and despite me expecting my pledge to arrive sometime early next year in the next wave of batches, it actually arrived in the first wave and arrived this week, to my utter delight.  So as this is something very different to me, I decided to record a video unboxing of what I received.

Now I didn’t pick up all the expansions, though I regret not getting the giant sewer alligator, but as the campaign was hugely successful, I and others received a wealth of stretch goal goodies.  Also, if you want to pick up this game post Kickstarter campaign, you can pre-order the base game and some of its expansions here.

Anyhoo, let’s get right into it, because we’ve got a lot to unbox.  You can find my unboxing of the Resident Evil 2: The Board Game below.  It would also mean the world to me if you could consider giving my small channel a generous subscribe, thank you and enjoy.

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