Sonic Unleashed – REVIEW

Posted March 18, 2010 by Marshall in PS3, Reviews, Wii, Xbox 360


Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta STOP BEING FAIL! He came back with high expectations, but then Sega created the Werehog.

Sonic Unleashed features a mix of side scrolling, speedy adventures that scream awesomeness and slow, bulky, agonising werehog’s that scream an abortion.


The story is based around Eggman trying to create Eggman Land again. He traps Sonic and uses the chaos emeralds energy to release some giant monster that will destroy the world. Nom Nom Nom. To be honest there isn’t much depth but that’s not what we really want from a Sonic game is it?

6/10 here.



This is gonna be split into two parts.


Fast paced out of this world action. The levels seem so fluent and beautiful in every sense. Something unlike previous Sonic next gen titles is that you never feel as if the game is playing itself for you. You are always needed in Sonic’s decision making process. Whether this be dodging obstacles or jumping to platforms you are always there. Walking around looking for mission starts is extremely annoying but these aren’t that long so I wont comment on them much. Replaying levels is something of a bore to find emblems but they are so well done why not.


Here is unleashed problem and believe me this will trash the overall review. The Werehog is awful. It makes no sense, it’s bulky, unappealing and down right horrible. It really brings it down. I almost get the feel they tried to follow a god of war style gameplay which simply doesn’t work for such a game. You dread these missions rearing their ugly head, ESPECIALLY when you have to replay them for emblems.

Due to this I have to give gameplay a bulky, horrible 5/10.



The graphics are actually very good. I often found myself looking at the beautiful weather effects. The cutscenes look like something out of a Final Fantasy game. Love them. Don’t get me wrong in game graphics wont change your life but they are definately a step in the right direction for the series.

Gotta’ hand them a 8/10



Fantastic in a word. Bowling for Soup wrote most of the soundtrack and it really shows. Quirky, upbeat, American pop rock songs bless the game. Yet at the end a instrumental version is used. It really helps set the scene for the game. I really cant flaw them here and will say 9/10.



This game would triumph as an all time great in my opinion if not for half the gameplay. I hate the werehog with a passion. It ruins it. It’s like Sega don’t want to stick to basics. All this extra stuff is awful.


  • Soundtrack
  • Graphics
  • Sonic


  • Werehog
  • Annoying bits between levels

Overall Sonic Unleashed 5/10.

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