Lego Dimensions – Retro inspired Midway Level Pack trailer, out Friday


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games has released a new trailer for Lego Dimensions which showcases the forthcoming Midway Arcade Level Pack.  The latest level pack will be inspired by some of retro gaming’s finest, such as Defender, Gauntlet, Paperboy, Rampage, Spy Hunter and more.  It will also come with a “Gamer Kid” mini-figure and the G-6155 Spy Hunter vehicle and Arcade Machine.

Also included in Wave 4 of Lego Dimensions will be the Superman Fun Pack, the Aquaman Fun Pack and the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Fun Pack.  All of Wave 4’s content will be available this Friday on March 18th.  You can watch the Midway Level Pack trailer above and check out some in-game screenshots of all of wave 4’s content below.

You can read our review of Wave 3 here, which includes the Ghostbusters Level Pack.

LEGO_Dimensions_Aquaman_(1)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Aquaman_(10)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Aquaman_(19)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(3)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(10)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(12)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(13)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(14)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Gamer_Kid_(16)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Midway_Arcade_(2)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Midway_Arcade_(4)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Midway_Arcade_(6)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Stay_Puft_(2)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Stay_Puft_(7)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Superman_(1)_bmp_jpgcopy LEGO_Dimensions_Superman_(8)_bmp_jpgcopy

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